Our Company

AG Software, S A. is a privately held company, incorporated in the Republic of Nicaragua for over 20 years and focuses on providing world class Software Development Solutions. Since 2004 provides outsourcing services in software development and management for Customers in the US and other countries around the world. We are the first and largest outsourcer and software developers in Nicaragua.

AG Software has been a pioneer in developing software using Open Source technology as part of this great movement within the technology industry. The objective pursued by us as pioneers, is opening the doors to technological advances and make available to end users and customers software solutions that enable adaptability to your needs, change or continuous improvement with open codes and more flexible frameworks, respecting the principles of licensing for the different languages ​​and tools used, and the rules and standards governing the software development industry.

AG Software has many years of experience with Ruby, Python, Javascript, Rails, Django, Java2/J2EE, PHP, XML, XSLT, PostgreSQL (among others databases), application servers, among others. Additionally actively invests in research and development of new technologies and solutions to its customers. Actively participates in the development of open source projects, especially projects Apache Software Foundation, where our specialist engineers are involved in the Project Management Committee of Apache Cocoon, Apache Lenya, including PMC.

Our Company has been involved in creating and developing business solutions and Web-based applications for the information distributing services industry, banking, accounting, commerce, education, payroll management, retail and online publishing. Each project has a wide range of disciplines ranging from planning, analysis and design of multi-level architecture levels, generation of databases, database mapping, network implementation certified to both wired and wireless and server management.