About us

AG Software, S A. is a privately held company, incorporated in the Republic of Nicaragua for over 20 years and focuses on providing world class Software Development Solutions. Since 2004 provides outsourcing services in software development and management for Customers in the US and other countries around the world. We are the first and largest outsourcer and software developers in Nicaragua.

AG Software has been a pioneer in developing software using Open Source technology as part of this great movement within the technology industry. The objective pursued by us as pioneers, is opening the doors to technological advances and make available to end users and customers software solutions that enable adaptability to your needs, change or continuous improvement with open codes and more flexible frameworks, respecting the principles of licensing for the different languages ​​and tools used, and the rules and standards governing the software development industry.    Read more


Provide our customers with solutions and consulting services, development, construction, marketing, implementation, maintenance, certification of information systems, with the most current technology available, appropriate international standards, best business practices and based on flexible and progressive methodology.


Become the leader in the solutions, software and development industry, offering new technologies and advantages to our clients. Be first choice in the market as Development and Software Solutions provider in the region.


Our business practices are based on high ethical and professional. These values ​​allow us to work within a framework of integrity, transparency, confidentiality, commitment to success and constant communication with our customers.


AG Software is committed to the success of its clients by optimizing their productivity and enhancing efficiency in the processes of its customers, through software, services and technology that enable the use of current and integrated information.

Antonio Gallardo
Msc. Antonio Gallardo

Founder / CEO
Computer Science and Systems Engineer
Master Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovak Republic (1990-1995)

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Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chávez

Technical Lead, Senior Developer
National University Engineering UNI, Managua, Nicaragua. (1993 – 1998) Computer Engineering

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