Profiles Detail

Antonio Foto

Founder CEO

Computer Science and Systems Engineer.
Master Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovak Republic (1990-1995).

PhD in Science Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic (1995) with the theme: Oriented Database Objects (Object Oriented Databases) and Information Systems Client / Server Architecture.

Mr. Gallardo has over 15 years experience as a software engineer, architect and project leader. His skills span the life cycle of an entire project and a wide range of disciplines such as planning, analysis and design, multilayer architectures, relational databases, object-relational mapping, deployment, enterprise network and server management. Mr. Gallardo has developed XML applications, web based applications for distributed information services, banking, accounting, e-commerce, education and online publications. It is also a partner with extensive experience in open source and an active member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he participated in the project management committee of Apache Cocoon and Apache Lenya.

Carlos Foto

Technical Lead, Senior Developer

National University Engineering UNI, Managua, Nicaragua. (1993 – 1998), Computer Engineering.

Over ten year of experience as a software developer and engineer, architect and project lead.

The areas of expertise include java technologies, web based XML and XSLT applications, web based CMS implementation and deploy, application servers and others related technologies, Ruby on Rails development, Ruby test driven with Rspec. Also the expertise cover C/C++ development as well. Participate on several steps such as planning, analysis an design. Multi tier architecture, databases design, databases mapping (ORM), networking and server administration.

Specialties: Ruby on Rails, Rspec test driven for Ruby, javascript, JQuery, Dojo, java2, Jahia, XML, XSLT, XSP, JSP, C/C++, javascript, SQL, bash/shell scripts, apache tomcat, jetty, jboss, apache web server, apache cocoon, apache commons, postgresql, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, UDB/DB2, Sybase, MS Access, foxpro, HTML, css, junit, cxxtest, JDO, OJB, hibernate, spring, apache maven, apache ant and amount other technologies.